JB Hifi Payment Options

JB Hifi Payment Options

Play now, pay later with a variety of JB Hifi payment options!

JB Hifi payment options are vast and that’s great news for gamers!

There’s always that time of year when there’s just too many games that you want to buy simultaneously; yet your budget says otherwise! The good news is that many Australian video game retailers such as JB Hifi, EB Games and Kogan provide a variety of payment options which allow you to play now and pay later.

If you’re favourite store is JB Hifi and you are asking yourself whether JB Hifi offers payment plans then you are in luck! With 4 major payment plan providers available at JB Hi-Fi, you can now enjoy your favourite games much sooner than expected.

Scroll down to view all of JB Hi-Fi’s payment options or skip sections below to your favourite pay later program to find out more!

JB Hifi Payment Options List

JB Hi-Fi offers multiple payment options both in-store and online. When purchasing video games online, JB Hifi currently accepts the following methods of payment:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express Credit Card
  • American Express Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Afterpay
  • ZipPay
  • LatitudePay
  • Latitude Interest Free
  • JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards

However, whilst JB Hi-Fi accepts all of these payment options, there are some nuances around what you can purchase with certain payment types. For example, for orders placed via telephone, not all payment methods are available and you cannot use interest free payments for digital vouchers or gift cards.

Please visit the official JB Hi-Fi payment options guide for more information.

Does JB Hifi Accept AfterPay?

Yes, JB Hi-Fi accepts AfterPay for both in store and online purchases for all eligible orders between $20-$2,000. For phone purchases, however, AfterPay is not available.

AfterPay also cannot be used at JB Hi-Fi for the following items:

  • JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards.
  • Digital Vouchers.
  • Playstation Credits.
  • Xbox Credits.

If you add any of the above items to your shopping cart online, AfterPay will not be displayed as a payment option. For everything else, you’re good to go! For more information, please visit the official JB Hifi Afterpay policy to uncover what you can and cannot purchase via this popular buy now pay later program.

Does JB Hifi Do ZipPay?

Yes, JB Hi-Fi accepts accepts ZipPay for both in-store and online purchases for all orders between $20-$2,000. Once more, phone orders are exempt from the use of Zip which is fairly standard for Australian retailers.

According to the official JB Hifi Zip support page, ZipPay can be used at JB Hifi on all purchases excluding the following:

  • JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards.
  • Digital Vouchers.
  • Playstation Credits.
  • Xbox Credits.

When you add any of these items to your basket online, Zip will not be an option for payment. For purchasing items from JB Hifi using Zip when in store, simply download the Zip app and tap the ‘in-store’ button at the bottom of the app. This will generate a 6 digit code which you can provide the JB Hi-Fi staff member.

In addition, JB Hifi has also been known to run promotions for customers when using ZipPay. For example, in September 2022, customers could earn $100 cashback when spending $1,000 or more at JB Hifi with Zip. Stock up and save!

Can I use LatitudePay at JB HiFi?

No, LatitudePay can not be used at JB Hifi. However, it used to be available. When you spent between $20 – $1,500 online at JB Hi-fi, Latitude pay was available as a payment option during checkout. For instore purchases, LatitudePay was also available via an SMS service that would enable you to sign up to the program within the store.

However, whilst LatitudePay was available according to the official JB Hifi LatitudePay support page, LatitudePay could not be used at JB Hi-Fi for the following types of purchases:

  • JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards.
  • Digital Vouchers.
  • Playstation Credits.
  • Xbox Credits.

Where EB Games partnered with Klarna pay, JB Hifi teamed up with LatitudePay to provide an alternative solution for customers who do not enjoy AfterPay and Zip. With the ability to make repayments over 10 weekly instalments, when LatitudePay was available at JB Hifi, it was actually the best option when buying your games and gaming hardware in bulk.

Does JB Hi-Fi Do PayPal Pay In 4?

PayPal Pay In 4 can be used at JB Hifi for both online and purchases made via the phone when you spend up to $2,000. Unlike JB Hifi’s other payment options such as Afterpay, PayPal Pay In 4 cannot be used in-store as this service is not provided by PayPal.

When using PayPal Pay In 4 at JB Hifi, your first payment will be taken at checkout at the time of purchase. Then, for all remaining payments (3 instalments), these will be deducted from your preferred payment method every two weeks.

JB Hifi: Official PayPal (Pay In 4) Policy

According to the official support page at JB Hifi for PayPal Pay In 4, there are no exclusions to what you can purchase with this buy now, pay later program. This is vastly different from alternatives such as ZipPay that have limitations on certain products.

Disclaimer: This article listing JB Hifi payment options was last checked for accuracy on 15th September 2022. Please check the official JB Hi-Fi website for up to date information.

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