Kogan Payment Options

Kogan Payment Options

Stock up and pay over weeks with interest free Kogan payment options.

While most gamers would gravitate towards JB Hifi or EB Games, the vast number of Kogan payment options present for an interesting alternative.

Out of the 3 retailers, Kogan offers the wider selection of payment options with the only difference being that you cannot purchase in-store from Kogan. As someone who purchases a lot of video games and hardware, I am always looking for ways to spread my outgoings and Kogan’s payment options are an attractive offer.

Scroll down to view all of the payment plans Kogan has to provide or skip sections below to your favourite pay later program to find out more!

Kogan Payment Options List

Kogan offers multiple payment options to online purchasers within Australia. When purchasing any video game or gaming hardware online, Kogan currently accepts the following methods of payment:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Amex
  • PayPal
  • zipPay
  • Afterpay
  • AliPay
  • Google Pay
  • Klarna
  • OpenPay
  • LatitudePay
  • Citipoints
  • Qantas Frequent Flyer Points

However, whilst Kogan accepts all of these payment options, the official Kogan payment support thread states that some payment options are only available for payments of certain amounts. Please visit the official Kogan website for more information on specifics regarding payment options.

Does Kogan Do AfterPay?

Yes, Kogan accepts AfterPay for online purchase. However, AfterPay cannot be used towards any order with only a Kogan First Trial within your basket. You must purchase another item as well as Kogan First to be able to use AfterPay upon checkout.

Using AfterPay with Kogan is very simple. When you add your items to the basket, AfterPay will be made available during checkout on eligible purchases. As of this writing, there is no specific mention of items that cannot be purchased with AfterPay (other than Kogan First Subscriptions), however, Kogan have stated that items of a certain value are applicable.

Does Kogan Accept ZipPay?

Yes, Kogan does accept ZipPay and ZipMoney for purchases on the website. In fact, Kogan recently announced that ZipMoney is also now available for purchases over $1,000. While a lot of retailers cap Zip to purchases under $2,000, Kogan sets itself a part by allowing you to spend more via this payment method.

That said, Zip is not available for use with any Kogan First subscriptions.

To view products available for purchase with ZipPay at Kogan, click here.

Can I use LatitudePay at Kogan?

Yes, you can use LatitudePay at Kogan across the entire website. According to the official Kogan LatitudePay page, LatitudePay can be used for any purchases between $20-$1,000 with the only exclusion being gift cards.

All members of LatitudePay can make multiple purchase via the Kogan website up to the limit of their account. While Kogan will accept single transactions of up to $1,000 with LatitudePay, if you are trying to purchase items to the value which is greater than your limit, you will not be able to proceed.

For more information, visit Kogan’s Official LatitudePay Policy

Does Kogan accept Klarna?

Yes, Klarna can be used on the Kogan website. With Klarna, there are no upfront fees when you follow the payment schedule. If you fail to make a payment on time late fees may apply. For more information please review product terms for applicable fees.

There is no specific cap on what items can be purchased using Klarna on the Kogan website, however, the total value will be capped on your limit within your Klarna account. In addition, Kogan First subscriptions are also not available for purchase with Klarna.

For more information, visit Kogan’s Official Klarna Policy

Does Kogan have OpenPay?

OpenPay is available for use on the Kogan website for all purchased up to the limit of your account. If you do not see OpenPay available during checkout, this may be because your account limit is not large enough for the purchase.

For more information, visit Kogan’s Official OpenPay Policy.

Full returns and partial refunds are available when purchasing with OpenPay at Kogan. This includes all eligible items. Of which, Kogan First subscriptions are not eligible.

Does Kogan Do PayPal Pay In 4?

With such a vast array of payment options at Kogan, it would be a shocker to see that PayPal was not on the list. Well, the good news is that Kogan does accept both PayPal and PayPal Pay In 4 payments.

While standard PayPal can be used also for Kogan First subscriptions, PayPal Pay In 4 can be used for all online purchases that are not subscription based.

Kogan: Official PayPal (Pay In 4) Policy

According to the official Kogan website, PayPal Pay In 4 allows customers to make eligible purchases between the values of $30 and $1,500 via 4 interest-free instalments. The first instalment is taken immediately with the remaining 3 instalments due every 2 weeks after initial purchase.

Disclaimer: This article listing Kogan payment options was last checked for accuracy on 15th September 2022. Please check the official Kogan website for up to date information.

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