Best Ethernet Cables For Gaming

Best Ethernet Cables For Gaming Australia (2024 Update)

Enjoy jitter-free play with these top rated gaming ethernet cables.

Whether you’re organising the biggest LAN party the world has ever seen, or simply playing a few games to wind down at night, a high-speed ethernet cable will ensure reduced ping and latency-free gameplay.

Whilst not all ethernet cables for gaming are equal, it’s safe to say that opting for any ethernet cable over wireless connectivity is a great solution to improving your experience. Most notably, in the stability department.

But which are the best gaming ethernet cables right now? Let’s find out! 👇

Best Ethernet Cables For Gaming

When it comes to choosing an ethernet cable for gaming, your choices are limited to Cat6, Cat7 and Cat8 ethernet cables. With each of these handling speeds of 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps respectively, often, gamers gravitate towards Cat8 ethernet cables in the hope of maximising performance.

However, contrary to belief, speed isn’t everything and you should also consider properties such as flexibility, waterproofing, and interference protection.

To help you make that decision, we’ve played and frayed with the best ethernet gaming cables in Australia to bring to you our shortlist of the top 6 indoor and outdoor cables available right now. 

The best ethernet cables for gaming are:

  1. UGREEN Flat Cat7 Cable – Best Overall
  2. UGREEN Braided Cat7 Cable – Best Braided Cable
  3. XXONE Outdoor Cat7 Cable – Best For Outdoors
  4. Amazon Basics Cat6 Cable – Best Cat6 Cable
  5. Snowkids Flat Cat7 Cable – Best Cat7 Cable
  6. UGREEN Braided Cat8 Cable – Best Cat8 Cable

Just scroll down, take your pick and enjoy lag-free gameplay right here. 👇

UGREEN Flat Cat7 Ethernet Cable For Gaming

UGREEN Flat Cat7 Ethernet Cable

Best Ethernet Cable Overall

Price: From $19.99
Bandwidth Support: Up to 600MHz
Data Speeds: Up to 10 Gbps
Compatibility: RJ45 Enabled Devices

Most game dens will be kitted out with standard Cat6 ethernet cables. However, with FTTP connections and 8K on the horizon, sooner or later, you will want to make the upgrade to a Cat7 gaming ethernet cable. For that, the UGREEN Flat Cat7 ethernet cable is the most popular Cat7 gaming ethernet cable in Australia right now.

It’s nicely priced at around $19.99 and comes with variable lengths of 1 – 20 metres long. There’s compatibility with all RJ45-enabled devices (PCs and consoles) alongside bandwidth support of up to 600 MHz. If you plan on running the cable underneath your carpet, the flat version of the UGREEN Cat7 ethernet cable is perfect.

Sadly, whilst Cat7 ethernet cables carry data speeds of up to 10Gbps, Australian gamers will struggle to reach this capacity. However, for the data speed that your internet service provider does provide, there were zero jitters through testing and plenty of power to boot.

With a review score of 4.8 across 58,000+ happy customers, the UGREEN Flat Cat7 Ethernet Cable is loved by many gamers just like you.

UGREEN Braided Cat7 Ethernet Cable For Gaming

UGREEN Braided Cat7 Ethernet Cable

Best Braided Ethernet Cable For Gaming

Price: From $29.99
Bandwidth Support: Up to 600MHz
Data Speeds: Up to 10 Gbps
Compatibility: RJ45 Enabled Devices

If you like the looks of the UGREEN Cat7 ethernet cable but would rather have a braided version then you will be pleased to know that UGREEN has got you covered.

With identical specs, the UGREEN Braided Cat7 is undoubtedly the best-braided Cat7 ethernet cable right now. Although, you’re going to have to spend approximately $10 extra if you want to grab this version.

While flat ethernet cables are more flexible, cheaper, and easier to install, braided cables are better protected both physically and against interference. If you’re installing your cables near motorised machinery like washing machines, you might want to opt for braided to avoid interference by the motor’s magnetic field.

Not to mention that a braided cable also helps when your cables are at risk of being chewed and crunched on by pesky rodents or a naughty pet!

XXONE Outdoor Cat7 Gaming Ethernet Cable

XXONE Outdoor Cat7 Ethernet Cable

Best Outdoor Gaming Ethernet Cable

Price: From $38.94
Bandwidth Support: Up to 600MHz
Data Speeds: Up to 10 Gbps
Compatibility: RJ45 Enabled Devices

I have yet to witness a LAN party on the beach, however, if you do plan on playing video games outdoors or in places that could potentially be exposed to moisture, the XXONE Outdoor Cat7 Ethernet Cable is the best ethernet cable for outdoor gameplay.

While all cables have some level of water resistance, an outdoor cable should naturally be a step above and XXONE’s waterproof Cat7 is almost bulletproof in this regard. Each cable is covered in PVC, then braided and protected by metal foil before finally being encased in a thicker foil covering and rubber.

The cable is waterproof, weatherproof, floodproof, and even fauna-proof. If you want to enjoy Cat7 ethernet speeds in your yard, your shed or anywhere else, it’s worth coughing up the dosh for a cable specifically rated for outdoors. Oh, and that comes without compromise on data speeds too.

Amazon Basics Cat6 Gaming Ethernet Cable

Amazon Basics Cat6 Ethernet Cable

Best Cat6 Ethernet Cable For Gaming

Price: From $23.00
Bandwidth Support: Up to 250MHz
Data Speeds: Up to 1 Gbps
Compatibility: RJ45 Enabled Devices

If you’re looking for a solid Cat6 ethernet cable for gaming then the Amazon Basics Cat6 flat cable is a cheap and effective solution. In Australia, you will have a hard time buying a plan to even reach its top speed (or even 500Mbps), and that’ll be the case for a long time to come.

So, a Cat6 is a cable you can comfortably install permanently, and all you need to do is decide the length. Make sure to account for doorways, and avoid bending the cable at extreme angles. When picking a brand, there’s little difference between competitors and so a cheap and reliable brand like the Amazon Basics line is perfect.

Over 90,000 other purchasers think so too. 

Snowkids Flat Cat7 Gaming Ethernet Cable

Snowkids Flat Cat7 Ethernet Cable

Best Cat7 Ethernet Cable For Gaming

Price: From $15.99
Bandwidth Support: Up to 600MHz
Data Speeds: Up to 10 Gbps
Compatibility: RJ45 Enabled Devices

If the two ethernet cables from UGREEN are not to your liking, the next best Cat7 ethernet cable is the Snowkids Flat Cat7. What’s nice about Snowkids’ Flat Cat7 is that it’s not exactly flat. It’s not rounded either, it’s between the two.

It’s both flexible, well protected and cheap! If you’re not especially taken with the standard-styled cables of plain rubber, you’ll be charmed by the braided style too. If there’s any downside to this cable, it’s that it looks too cheap.

After all, when competitors are selling Cat6 ethernet cables for three times the price, there are bound to be some concessions from Snowkids and it is definitely within the design department.

However, the cable is solid, the performance is too, and the reviews are crystal clear. It’s a reliable cable, despite the unknown name tag and so it’s clear that its competitors are using their brand name for a price markup.

UGREEN Braided Cat8 Ethernet Cable For Gaming

UGREEN Braided Cat8 Ethernet Cable

Best Cat8 Gaming Ethernet Cable

Price: From $39.99
Bandwidth Support: Up to 2,000MHz
Data Speeds: Up to 40 Gbps
Compatibility: RJ45 Enabled Devices

Granted, a Cat8 ethernet cable for gaming is overkill. But there’s still great value; particularly when playing FPS games or MMOs that require superb stability.

While the two UGREEN Cat7 ethernet cables will be more than sufficient for your needs, UGREEN also offers a Cat8 braided version that costs just $10 more. Frankly, it also happens to be the best-looking.

The first thing to know about the differences between Cat8 and Cat7 ethernet cables is that a Cat7’s performance drops off at length. If you’re running wires over fifty metres, the Cat7 will drop closer to that of a Cat6. Secondly is its speed. With the UGREEN Cat8 gaming ethernet cable, you can expect up to 40Gbps which will comfortably service an office space or apartment complex with a single wire.

So, yes, Cat8 is overkill for a household, but it’s a good choice for professional network structures– and UGREEN is the brand that doesn’t overprice them.

Gaming Ethernet Cables

What ethernet cable should I use for gaming?

For the most part, any ethernet cable is better than a wireless connection for gaming. However, if you want to ensure that you are buying the best ethernet cable possible, you should opt for a Cat6, Cat7 or Cat8 cable. 

While Cat6 ethernet cables are more than suitable for gamers in Australia, futureproofing yourself with Cat7 and Cat8 ethernet cables is also a wise investment. Here, if you run longer cables, a Cat8 ethernet cable will not have too much of a performance drop in comparison to a Cat6. 

If your budget can stretch, I would also recommend that you purchase a braided gaming ethernet cable to ensure less risk of the cable becoming frayed. However, if you can guarantee that your ethernet cable will be stowed away underneath a carpet or strapped to a skirting board, then a Flat ethernet cable is also suffice.

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Still unsure about which ethernet cable to buy for your gaming setup? Perhaps these most commonly asked questions will help you to make a decision.

Are long ethernet cables bad for gaming?

Mostly, longer ethernet cables will not be detrimental to performance when gaming. Whilst technically, a longer cable is at greater risk of interference from surrounding devices, there will be no noticeable difference when gaming. There is a far greater amount of latency in the network itself, rather than in the cable and we are talking less than a millisecond of difference here.

Do you need an ethernet cable for a gaming pc?

No, you don’t need an ethernet cable for a gaming PC as long as your PC comes with a wireless receiver. However, an ethernet cable is advised to increase gaming performance when playing online. With an ethernet connection, you will enjoy lower latency and higher speeds; particularly when playing online first-person shooter games or MMOs.

Is Cat6 ethernet cable good for gaming?

In Australia, a Cat6 ethernet cable is good enough for gaming. Whilst Cat6 ethernet cables will only process data speeds of up to 10 Gbps, there are not many Australian internet providers that can reach these speeds in the first place. So, when using a Cat6 gaming ethernet cable, any deficiencies in performance will not be coming directly from your ethernet cable but rather your internet service provider.

What type of ethernet cable is good for gaming?

The best ethernet cables for gaming are either Cat6, Cat7 or Cat8 ethernet cables. If you are playing at home, a Cat6 cable will typically suffice. However, for LAN parties or areas that might have a lot of interference, you may want to opt for the more powerful Cat7 or Cat8 ethernet cables to ensure performance. Either way, all 3 of these ethernet cables are suitable for gaming.

Content Disclaimer: This handpicked shortlist of the best gaming ethernet cables in Australia has been independently written by Branden Zavaleta. GamePro has not been commissioned by any manufacturers listed here, nor have we received any royalties for this article. This includes financial reimbursement, free advertising or free gifts.

To formulate our top 6 ethernet cables, GamePro consulted reputable comparison websites such as ProductReview to devise an initial list of 6 cables. Taking this list, we then identified the most frequently purchased ethernet cables by visiting Amazon and reading the reviews. This enabled us to reduce our list to just 6 of the best flat and braided ethernet cables for gaming in Australia.

Should you click on any link to a third-party website and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. But that’s just how we keep GamePro alive and free to use! Please hit us up in the comments with any questions about ethernet connectivity, and we’ll endeavour to respond as soon as possible!

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