Huawei P40 Pro Review Australia

Huawei P40 Pro Review 2024: Still A Monster?

A refined product where the camera is still the winner!

Huawei, a leading global provider of phones, laptops, and more, officially unveiled the P40 Pro back in April 2020 and since then, it’s been loved by many. Frequently cited as one of the best Huawei phones ever, we’re writing our Huawei P40 Pro review a few years down the track to determine whether all that hype has held up over the years. 

Huawei P40 Pro Design
Huawei P40 Pro
Stacked with functionality
Huawei's P40 Pro is an Android lovers wet dream. Packed with highly notable features, a much improved design and bags of value, the P40 Pro delivers on all fronts with the best feature being the camera quality. For mobile gamers, this is a must buy smartphone that will deliver unrivalled gaming. For everyone else, you may want to look at the Google Pixel 4A to save a few bucks.
Incredible Design
90Hz Visual Display
Superb Camera System
Ergonomic Layout
Took The L
No GMS Support
Low Quality Bezels
Editor's Rating

From it’s incredible chipset to a camera that makes other Android phones look silly, our extensive Huawei P40 Pro review will uncover all the best features and highlight each and every flaw you can expect. We will walk you through the design, camera quality, value, performance and more.

Now, let’s get into it!

Scroll down to read our full Huawei P40 Pro review or skip sections via the links below. Don’t forget to hit the comments below with any questions! 

Huawei P40 Pro Design

Product Design

Staying true to Huawei’s staple smartphone look, the P40 Pro learns from previous flaws. Although closely designed to its predecessors, the P40 Pro from a distance looks almost identical to past models. However, upon closer inspection, you can clearly tell that Huawei has invested more budget into the overall design here; delivering an aoura of sleekness about the P40 Pro.

One of the best design features of the new Huawei P40 pro design is the quad-curve overflow. Whereas the Mate 30 was overly curvy, it would seem that Huawei has nailed the balance been too little and too much with the P40 Pro. The company says the inspiration of this attribute stems from the beauty of flowing water and we would have to agree, the phone generates a sense of calm.

We think it’s just stunning.

Like its predecessors, the P40 Pro also incorporates an in-display speaker system. Unlike last year’s P30, the P40 Pro adopts proper 3D face unlock in addition to an in-display fingerprint sensor. This now puts the Huawei P40 pro within the ballpark of an iPhone.

With a 90 Hz refresh rate, you can also enjoy the immersive views that the fluid screen provides. This includes what the mounting middle frame and protective rounded corners deliver.

Huawei chose to deploy the P40 Pro with the solid hues of Silver Frost, Blush Gold, and Deep Sea Blue. Again, continuously taking inspiration from nature, the P40 Pro offers a design that’s not adopted much by other smartphone manufacturers. Lastly, the matte design in the device’s refractive elements emphasizes a lasting sensation of depth, revealing sophistication and elegance.

Product Features

When it comes to the features of the Huawei P40 Pro smartphone, there is a lot on offer here. Huawei Technologies have gone to great lengths to ensure that users can enjoy some of the greatest performance upgrades available today. From a crazy good camera to Kirin 990 5G chipset, for anybody who is upgraded from a smartphone with outdated technology, you’ll be amazed.

Some flagship features of the Huawei P40 Pro include:

  • 50x Super Zoom
  • Ultra Vision Sensor with 24 Hours Super Definition
  • HD Video Call with Huawei MeeTime
  • Enhanced gaming with 5G Technology
  • AI-run Huawei GoldenSnap
  • 40w Huawei SuperCharge
  • Kirin 990 5G Chipset

Most notably, the world’s first integration of the Kirin 990 5G chipset is a must mention. Offering ultra-fast processing of data, the Kirin 990 5G delivers unparalleled efficiency when using both standard applications and also when clutching up on Call Of Duty.

This is a keynote for gamers as the system fluidity will deliver far superior graphical performance over comparative smartphone models. Gamers who utilize their smartphones for leisure can also enjoy how the upgraded image engine enhances the visuals, without engulfing too much power. With an impressive 90 Hz display to support your playtime, mobile gaming will never be the same.

Huawei P40 Pro Gaming Performance

Camera Quality.

Okay, so it runs great but how about the camera? 

Taking photographs with any Huawei unit has always been distinctive, with customer reviews saying the company produces the best camera across smartphones to date. With the P40 Pro, Huawei have stepped their game up once more.

The P40 Pro offers ultra-wide, telephone, and Time of Flight cameras on the back. Right at the front, the 32MP selfie shooter is supported by its laser-guided autofocus. One of the more noticeable qualities is the 50MP RYYB camera that has a sizeable 1/1.28-inch sensor, making it even better than Samsung’s 108MP and 1.33-inch sensor in its S20 Ultra.

Upon capturing your perfect scene, the outcome is a vibrant and bright; regardless of whether clouds hang overhead. There were doubts about how the autofocus will work best, considering the large sensor. However, with the Huawei P40 Pro, there isn’t that much of a struggle.

Overall, the camera quality of the Huawei P40 Pro is pretty unrivalled by most Android smartphones. It’s seriously on par with some earlier models of Apple’s infamous iPhone cameras and paves the way forward for a better shooting experience with Android.


For performance, well, there is not much left to say when you look at the features!

The Kirin chipset offers game-changing application performance and delivers smooth all-round use with it’s absolutely stacked 8GB of RAM. Despite some ever so slight frame drops when playing games like Fortnite or PUBG Mobile, this was not a major issue and overall is seriously improved from the Mate 30.

That said, if you do take games seriously, you may be frustrated.

In addition, the face recognition feature comes actually complete this time around and enables you to unlock the phone as it scans your face. Although not as snappy as competitors’ like Pixel 4, this is a stark improvement from Huawei’s range of predecessor and a huge win for the P40 Pro. With infrared technology, the Huawei P40 Pro will also detect your face accurately at nighttime too!

Key Specifications

Here’s a full breakdown of the Huawei P40 Pro specifications.

Dimensions: ‎158.2 x 72.6 x 9 mm
Weight: 209 grams
Build: Glass Front, Glass back & Aluminium Frame
Display: OLED, 90Hz, HDR10
Display Resolution: 1200 x 2640 pixels (~441 ppi density)
Operating System: Android 10
Chipset: Kirin 990 5G (7 nm+)
GPU: Mali-G76 MP16
4K Video: 4K@30/60fps
Sound: 32-bit/384kHz audio
Battery: Li-Po 4200 mAh (Non Removable)
Charging: Fast charging 40W
Colours: Silver Frost, Blush Gold, Deep Sea Blue, Ice White, Black

Huawei P40 Pro Mega Zoom Camera

The Negatives

When reviewing the Huawei P40 Pro we were slightly disappointed with the occasional frame drops for gaming. It was also apparent that the facial recognition software was nowhere near as good as Apple despite being an improvement nonetheless.

In addition, the Huawei P40 Pro does come with some very small design flaws that the prying eyes of customers who currently own this smartphone have already picked upon. Before you buy the P40 Pro, you might want to check some other Huawei P40 Pro reviews to make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Customers have also noted the lack of wireless charging and the unavailability of Google Mobile Services which to be honest is a huge disappointment for a mobile phone within this price range.

Price & Value

Even with the features, the price tag of $899 with VIP Service is somewhat steep. When you consider that you can pick up Google’s Pixel 4A for just $600, we cannot see how the Huawei P40 Pro is 50% better. That said, if money is no issue and you don’t really like Google Pixels, then the Huawei P40 Pro will still offer you value.

In Australia, the Huawei P40 Pro is being sold at AU$1,599 pricier than Huawei P40 at AU$1,099 on Amazon. The company says though that both of the devices will give the buyer with “complimentary VIP service to help set up the device,” with P40 Pro pre-orders coming with a free set of wireless earbuds

Huawei P40 Pro Smartphone Review

Is the Huawei P40 Pro still worth buying?

Despite being a few years older, the Huawei P40 Pro is definitely still worth purchasing. As far as bang for buck goes, there’s a little to be questioned about spending north of $750 on a smartphone; especially for an Android device when Google Nexus smartphones can be purchased for much cheaper.

However, the is plenty of value with the Huawei P40 Pro and it’s not on the same level as the majority of android smartphones on the market – for a good reason! Here’s some reasons why you should or shouldn’t buy the Huawei P40 Pro depending on your personal needs.

You should buy the Huawei P40 Pro if…

  • Money is not a hurdle.
  • You love taking a good photo.
  • You are okay with very small flaws.
  • 4K videos are important to you.
  • Mobile gaming performance is a priority.

You shouldn’t buy Huawei P40 Pro if…

  • You cannot justify spending thousand of dollars on a phone.
  • You are upgrading from your Google Pixel.
  • You won’t be playing mobile games.
  • You pay particular attention to product design

Huawei P40 Pro Review Verdict.

The P40 Pro takes the cuteness of the Mate 30 and adds some oomph. It’s stacked with features, packs a powerful camera and delivers in the most part everything an Android user could want.

Despite all of this, for the everyday user, the Huawei P40 pro would not be a top pick. Yes, it has vastly superior features, however, the Pixel 4A offers way better value for money. It costs $300 less than the P40 Pro and the camera quality is still very good.

For gamers, the proposition of the Huawei P40 Pro becomes entirely different. If you can put up with ever so slight drops with frame rates due to an older GPU, the Huawei P40 Pro is a superb offering for mobile gaming with accessories such as the Razer Kishi. Supported by 5G and a Kirin 990 chipset, there is nothing better currently on the market within this price range for you Fortnite fans. We were super impressed with the P40 Pro overall throughout all gaming.

Make no mistake, despite some minor flaws, the Huawei P40 Pro is still an incredible smartphone. The specifications are actually unreal and you will love what the P40 Pro has to offer you. With Huawei’s P40 Pro launch a time that fans have unquestionable waited for, we still expect big sales even a few years later. The marketing is trendy, the price tag attractive to ex-iPhone users and the features stacked.

Overall, we have graded this Huawei P40 Pro review a respectable 85%. Primarily, this is due to the camera quality. No other brand has gone to the same level of detail as Huawei has with the P40 Pro. However, we’re an everyday mobile user and there is just not enough value here to warrant a better rating.

Huawei P40 Pro Design
Huawei P40 Pro
Stacked with functionality
Huawei's P40 Pro is an Android lovers wet dream. Packed with highly notable features, a much improved design and bags of value, the P40 Pro delivers on all fronts with the best feature being the camera quality. For mobile gamers, this is a must buy smartphone that will deliver unrivalled gaming. For everyone else, you may want to look at the Google Pixel 4A to save a few bucks.
Incredible Design
90Hz Visual Display
Superb Camera System
Ergonomic Layout
Took The L
No GMS Support
Low Quality Bezels
Editor's Rating

Content Disclaimer: This Huawei P40 Pro Review is independently written. We have not been commissioned by Huawei, nor have we received any royalties for this article. This includes financial reimbursement, free advertising or the Huawei P40 Pro by way of gift.

Should you click on any link to Amazon and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. But that’s just how we keep this website alive! Don’t forget to hit us up in the comments with your thoughts and feels towards the P40 Pro. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about our Huawei P40 Review.

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