Secretlab Titan 2020 Review

The Omega's bigger and better cousin.

Let’s get one thing straight. Any chair is not a gaming chair. Okay, technically, any chair can be a gaming chair. However, there is a huge difference between office chairs and gaming chairs. In this Secretlab Titan 2020 review, we explore why spending $684 on a gaming chair is a worthy investment.

Game night is a thing of beauty. Immersing ourselves into fantasy worlds with friends and family, the right equipment only amplifies the experience. A good chair should fit your posture, as well as the size of your body. This is to ensure that you can sit comfortably throughout those tournaments. In fact, the best gaming chairs are designed purposefully to offer optimal blood flow.

But for all its physical appeal, does the Secretlab Titan 2020 gaming chair deliver the physical needs for the modern gamer? Scroll down to our extensive Secretlab Titan 2020 review to find out more.

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Secretlab Titan Gaming Chair (All Black Edition)


The Secretlab Titan 2020 gaming chair looks fairly similar to the very popular Omega. Characterised as a sizeable black gaming chair coated with premium synthetic leather, the Secretlab Titan 2020 features faux carbon fiber on the sides and red-colored stitching at the seams. Of course, you cannot ignore that stunning golden or black T-logo embroidered on the backrest. Simply beautiful.

For exterior fabric, the Secretlab Titan 2020 comes with options for both Softweave fabric or Prime 2.0 PU Leather. Despite the Softweave fabric more expensive to purchase, we actually prefer the slightly sturdier PU Leather. While both options are extremely comfortable for long periods of play, the PU Leather just feels more secure. In fact, the material has gone through over 200,000 abrasion tests supervised by Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology, and Research or A*STAR.

Now that’s impressive.

If the standard Stealth, Black, Amber or Ash editions are not stylish enough for you, Secretlab also presents 20 other variations. Whether you want to show support for your favourite eSports teams and popular Twitch streamers or go all out and choose a variation that is canvassed with your favourite game, the possibilities are endless.

Anecdote: The overwatch edition is our personal favourite.

Overall, the design of this gaming chair is the product of years of testing and innovation. From premium materials to scientific-grade contouring that delivers you a little cuddle when you sit down, the Secretlab Titan 2020 is extremely well designed.

Comfortability & Customization

Despite the little cuddle, if you are expecting a gaming chair that feels like you are floating on cloud 9, the Secretlab Titan 2020 is not for you. However, that does not mean that the Titan is not comfortable. We just wouldn’t use this gaming chair as a napping station.

When you start to explore the expansive list of customisations, the Titan 2020 gaming chair is seriously impressive. You can quite literally modify your chair to match almost any type of experience. Whether on the edge of your seat during an online first-person shooter, or lounging back to watch countless hours of YouTube videos, the Titan 2020 is extremely flexible.

A major highlight when customising the Titan 2020 is the armrests. There is nothing more frustrating than when your armrests are not quite right. It can seriously impact-free movement during games sessions. The good news is that you will have none of these issues with the Titan 2020 gaming chair. With customisable armrests that move up and down, you can easily adjust to perfectly align with your desk.

However, there is more. The armrests not only move up and down, but they also can move forward or backwards a few inches. In addition, you can adjust the armrests to move 60-degrees inwards or 90 to 120 degrees outwards. This enables you to be comfortable no matter what you are doing. The same goes for Razer gaming seats too, but for some reason, the Secretlab Titan just does this better.

We also particularly enjoyed the customisable lumbar support system. This mechanism utilizes the adjustable knob on the backrest’s right side instead of only the optional flat pillow in other gaming chairs. Combined with a superior padding that is made with cold-cure foam and shaped to align with the gaming chairs contours, it is hella comfortable.


Weighing around 35kg with a maximum load of under 130kg, the Secretlab Titan 2020 is best assembled with 2 people. By following the step-by-step guide, the Titan 2020 is no more difficult to assemble than most other gaming chairs.

In the booklet, you will find information on the package contents, accessories box contents, and a numbered guide that is easy to follow. The usage information on the backrest recline, 4D armrests, tilt tension, armrest adjustment, lumbar adjustment, multi-tilt mechanism, and full-tilt mechanism are also present.

You may find that with so many customisations available that the Secretlab Titan 2020 seems a little daunting to assemble at first. However, the moment you start working through the guide, you will be surprised at how quickly you are up and running. From unpacking to complete assembly, you should anticipate around 1 hour at most.

Secretlab Titan 2020 Gaming Chair Review

Good Value?

If we told you that a gaming chair will set you back around $684, you probably would shiver a little. After all, you can pick up good budget gaming chairs or even Alfordson gaming chairs for less than $200. However, when it comes to the Secretlab Titan 2020 edition, this actually seems somewhat modest. From the base to the headrest, the Secretlab Titan 2020 is just premium all over. As such, paying a premium for premium hardware comes at no surprise.

As for value for money, the Secretlab Titan comes with a 5-year warranty. This warranty alone tells you everything you need to know about how well the product has been built. Secretlab expects you to be using your gaming chair nearly every day and yet they are backing their products to be fault free for up to 5 years hard usage. As such, Secretlab gaming chairs are superb value.

To purchase the Secretlab Titan 2020 gaming chair, you are best to buy directly from Secretlab. You can do that by clicking here. When you arrive on the website, you will be flooded with customisable options for your chair. From selecting your preferred fabric to going all out and buying a special edition model, such as an Overwatch or Cyberpunk 2077 model, the possibilities are literally endless.

The Not So Fancy

For all that premium appeal, the Secretlab Titan 2020 gaming chair does come with a few very small drawbacks. For anybody who suffers from lower back problems, the Secretlab Titan 2020 does not feature lumbar support for this area of your body. While inclusive of lumbar support, many consumers have mentioned that this area needs improving.

In addition, unlike other leading gaming chairs such as the Respawn 900, we found that the leather was not the best at absorbing heat. On extremely hot days, the Titan 2020 was somewhat uncomfortable when running hot. Given that you are advised to not spill anything on the PU Leather, we couldn’t park a cold beverage as there are also not cupholders either.

Furthermore, the padding is a little stiff when new. For anybody looking to slouch around, you may want to find something softer to take a nap. After 8 months of using the Secretlab Titan 2020, we found that the padding became softer. However, this gaming chair is purpose-built to keep you alert and engaged with your online play.

Besides these 3 small deficiencies, the endless customisations will get you through most situations you may find yourself within. It would be pretty harsh to really pick at these drawbacks as the overall quality of this gaming chair is simply superb.

Secretlab Titan Armrests
Photo Credit @ IGN

Secretlab Titan 2020 Review Verdict.

Overall, we have graded this Secretlab Titan 2020 review a respectable 91%. True to its name, the Secretlab Titan 2020 is a titan in the gaming chair world. Whether purchasing for your growing streaming setup or a luxury gift (for a soon to be super happy loved one), the Secretlab Titan is a seriously nice piece of furniture. From the sheer ruggedness of the chair to the endless adjustability options, there are very few flaws.

If you’re looking for a chair that you want to be really lazy within, the Secretlab Titan 2020 is a little stiffer than most. It’s not ideal for anybody who likes to eat and play, however, when gaming and working at home, you will literally feel like a god.

Who needs food anyways!

Okay, so forking out $600 for a gaming chair might be a little steep. That said, if budget is no option then there are very few compared to the Secretlab Titan. Showcased frequently by professional streamers and backed with a 5-year warranty, your investment will go a long way when buying the Secretlab Titan 2020.

Secretlab Titan 2020 Review
Endless customisations and premium materials are major highlights of the Secretlab Titan 2020 gaming chair. If you can forego lower back lumber support and the missing cupholder, there is little to be left undesired about this product.
The Good
Creatively constructed
Thick leather design
Soft headrest pillow
Custom back support
The Bad
No lumbar cushion
No cupholders
Stiff padding
Editor Review
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